Callaham Replacement Bridge

Here's Why

"But I cannot get passed the frequency response. [emphasis added]."

Funny, I have no problem with the PRS tailpiece's tone, I just can't get past the sloppy use of the English language in Callaham's website.

Then again, why anyone would think that Callaham would have a better idea of what sounds good on a PRS than Paul R. Smith is another question. The PRS bridge is proven, and you can be sure that Paul tested steel, brass and other materials before settling on his aluminum bridge.

First of all, although I spell and punctuate reasonably well, I long ago realized that some very bright people don't. As to the question you posed, I think PRS guitars are made incredibly well. I think they play very well and their QC should make Gibson weep. Unfortunately, my experience with them is they are lacking soul, for lack of a better term. I had a Custom 22 that played like a dream. It was a really boring guitar. I know some were not enamored of the earlier pickups and I agree, but I changed twice and finally sold the guitar because it had no mojo. If that is Paul's take on sound, more power to him. I don't like it.

I have a cheap PRS SE245 that is an amazing value. Changed the pickups and I can live with it. Still has a bit of a quality that I don't care for. Callaham is sending me a bridge for it. No idea what the result will be. I sell very high end audio. There is room for taste even in superb gear. The idea that Paul's taste should be universal is absurd. Love his execution. If this works I'm going to wish I had that sweet paying Custom 22 back.

My go to is a Gibson Custom Shop 336. It is incredibly alive. Took me five to find one that didn't have issues, be it finish, twisted neck, etc. It is a very vintage looking guitar, which I like. Again, subjective. I really find the flashy PRS's to be gaudy in the extreme but that's just me. This little 245 has a nice dark burst flame, which has character but doesn't go over the top like those god awful quilted things (my view).

If anyone is interested I'll have the new bridge this coming week and I can tell you my impression. Play clean a lot, medium to moderate overdrive, rarely heavy distortion or fuzz. Amp is a Carr Rambler and a Dr. Z MAZ 18NR.
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