Cabling the P22 - Two cables? Two Wireless? One and one?


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Aug 29, 2012
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The P22 seems to be very popular - judgeing by the traffic here and NEW GUITAR DAY postings on Forums.....

So I'm looking for how guys are rigging TWO cables? I've plugged in two in my practice room and it's a tripping nightmare there... I can't imaging doing that on STAGE! ;) I wonder if somebody will make a tandem cable rig? I thought about getting two cables and using some heat shrink...

So what are you guys doing? :D

Just using one cable in the combo jack and calling it good?

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I don't have a P22, but I do have and love my SCHB. I know what you mean, using 2 cables is like a nightmare. So, I think the vest way would have 2 wireless, witch I don't. I do have a Radial PZ DI ( and I use a single TRS cable and do all switch from electric to Piezo with my foot.
I don't play out and have tried numerous setups for home and have found this to work very well for me. I use the magnetic output into tuner and compressor, then into my Mark V. I primarily use the Tweed mode of the first channel. The Mark V has a parallel loop and I have a delay and reverb in the loop. I use the input knob on the back to adjust the amount of dry sound coming from the Mark V and then instead of plugging the loop into the return of the Mark V, I run into a Fishman Loadbox Artist. I prefer the blended sound using the neck pickup. This has the wet delay sound coming from the Fishman. This may sound very weird ... but it works for me.

I believe if you are going to have a piezo ... you need something with a tweeter.
I normally use wireless for shows, so I'd go electric wireless to rig and cable to DI to PA for piezo....unless I was using that guitar the bulk of the show, would like go dual wireless then.
I've been playing around in the room going G50 wireless into my electric rig and a cable into the Aura DI then to the PA. That sounds pretty good but it seems funny to be wired and wireless! ;)

Like to find some sort of single cable that could be split at the ends into a pair of 1/4 inch connections....