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Buying PRS new vs used - relative pricing?


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Feb 13, 2022
I have now purchased 3 core PRS guitars in 9 months (getting a bit carried away?) and the general pricing schemes are confusing to me. Each was sold at what I consider a fair price. I just don't have a feel for what would be considered a good price. In general, how should used instruments be priced compared to new instruments (at Sweetwater for example)? Two of the three instruments were purchased new from smaller "local" (over the internet) stores at prices below what I see listed on the major store sites. Is this normal? It seems odd that the major stores would have negotiating built into their structures. Reverb prices seem to be all over the mall too, though you don't always see the final sales price.

in general, if I see a new 2022 core model for $5,200 at a major store, what are realistic expectations for a slightly used 2021/2022 similar model? It seems to me the new ones can actually be purchased around $4,000 or below. Does that mean a used one at $3,500 is not bad? Any percentage rules of thumb would be helpful. I keep seeing Sweetwater selling several instruments each week. Are many people paying the $5k or is it negotiable even at larger stores?
Man that is a long and involved question. Age, condition, upgrades, and current market all come into play. Best bet is to shop around and get a feel for what you want to pay for what you want to get.
Discussing new vs used pricing on recent models isn’t exactly kosher with the forum rules.
I apologize as I am not trying to step on any toes and I appreciate you keeping me honest. The rules mentioned discussions around wholesale pricing, which is what I understand your comment to reference. No worries. With that understanding, I will leave the subject alone and move along.

Indirectly, I believe that answers my question in the end. Thank you.
I went to rainbow in Tucson to shop a particular guitar: Harvey brought out a stunning one piece quilt maple top
McCarty 594 in copperhead burst, Brazilian board and flame maple neck. It was used, I ended up walking out with
it instead of the one I came to see. It was about half the cost of a new one, I think it was about 6 months old and
the owner brought it back to trade for a nicer guitar. WHAT?!?!?!
Virtually unplayed, 10 top, that cool paisley brown case, really dig this guitar. tone for days.
Rules or no rules discussing too specific of pricing has always been in poor taste to me. Sorta like kiss and tell
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Are many people paying the $5k or is it negotiable even at larger stores?
I have 7 PRS guitars (SE, S2 and Cores), bought (new) from 6 different dealers. Each was open to negotiating on the price, although how much varied. You don't know until you ask...