Bringing them up right


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Feb 11, 2023
Around September of 2021 my daughter asked if she could get a baritone. Using all my might to choke back tears of pride and joy, I gave the required "dad" answer of "Maybe, we'll see." Meanwhile, my mind was exploding with excitement about getting to go guitar shopping with the best excuse ever, it's not even for me!

We looked at a few options online but I could tell she was drawn to the SE 277's. She had already been playing guitar for a while and knew about PRS in general. I found a great deal on one with a killer top and had it stashed in my closet before October started. Then I would do things like point out a nice one on a website and highlight the price saying "yeah that's never gonna happen". Mind games will ever remain one of the most enjoyable aspects of parenthood. There's always something particularly satisfying about lowering your kid's expectations.

Her birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas and I couldn't hold out any longer so the birthday fairly came with a big surprise. It hit me this morning that she had a PRS before I did.

As a fellow PRS player once said, fathers be good to your daughters. Teach them to play and put the boys back in their place.

Here's a picture from the first day: