Bringing the New Guitar Home

The Guitar Hunter

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Jan 27, 2021
South Pasadena, CA
So today I pulled the trigger on a guitar I had been wanting for a few months - a 2020 McCarty 594 SC Semi-Hollow with Artist Package in River Blue. On the way home I wondered how to explain it to my wife. When I got home I showed her the guitar and told it was new. She didn’t believe me because “why would you buy ANOTHER blue PRS, you already had that.” So I just laughed it off and didn’t say anything else about it! I told the truth so I can play the “guitar I already had” guilt free. Here are some pics for you all to enjoy!


Weird, everything that I typed below the quoted post, didn't show up. My question was who has got some good stories about introducing a new guitar to the household. Do you sneak it in, come up with a clever story, or just tell the truth?

As for me, my wife knew I was a guitar freak prior to getting married so she expects it. I've bought and sold a lot of guitars and soon as the next one catches my eye.
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The wife didn’t become a member but she did make us go furniture shopping for a new table so she could have something new too lol

So..........where did your original post go? :confused: Not trying to put you on the spot, but it’s just weird this thread is still here and your OP is not?

Or are the invisible internet godz playing nasty games with ol’ Stevo again?* :(

*And don’t be f*kin’ with me Alan. :mad::p:D
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OK. Now I’m totally confused (which isn’t difficult to achieve :oops: ). So, the OP of this thread, The Guitar Hunter, copied your other thread, started this new one, but made no reply/comment. Am I missing something? I’m not implying any malfeasance, I’m just confused. :confused::confused:
Someone did this with one of my posts once. They turned out to be a troll. They were quickly deleted once reported to Admin.
I’m pretty sure my wife has seen every guitar before it came to the house. She brought quite a few of them in herself.
Yes, this is my way too. I always let her know before the guitar arrives, normally before it’s even purchased. She always says “you don’t have to tell me that,” but I have a feeling that’s because I’ve always told her that!

Some surprises aren’t beneficial. :)