Brian G

Authorized PRS Dealer
Authorized PRS Dealer
Apr 26, 2012
Cheshire, CT
Hey folks - a revamping of the Brian's Guitars YouTube channel has been a LONG time coming and we are finally there. We will be featuring gear demos, new arrivals, unboxing videos, private stock chats, podcast etc. etc.

Right now we are focusing on high quality and great sounding gear demos and will be putting them out, at very least, weekly. We will be featuring local players as well as players coming through on tour. As you would expect, plenty of regular PRS content coming at you.

Check it out and subscribe! Will update this every time we post some PRS content. ENJOY!

Brian's Guitars YouTube Channel

Considering the builds y'all do, I can't see this being anything but a cool channel to subscribe to! Thanks for the heads up and looking forward to the content ;~))

Just subscribed, LOVE the banner!!!
Let's take a look back at the Private Stock Splatter we designed a couple of years ago!

Special Semi-Hollow demo video coming tomorrow ☮️
I absolutely love this splatter design. If you guys ever do a Wood Library run of these take my money now!