Brazilian Rosewood Mccarty (limited run of 250) PICS PLEASE !!


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Dec 30, 2012
I've always been fascinated by this limited edition series and -thus far- I've been able to locate about 35 of them so more than 200 to go !! Let's see 'em,please : some pics of your instrument and the accompanying background stories / technicals specs. Cheers,Peter.




I first saw it at Chuck Levin's, back in the Fall of '99, when shopping for a Les Paul (I wound up w/a CU-22). Carlos (one of the sales guys) showed me the guitar and when he told me the price, I commented, "Hah! I'd NEVER spend that much for a guitar!" (yeah, I know...)

Anyway, I went home, and did a bit of research about them (on the old, original "PRS Forum") and decided to go back and buy it. Alas, it was gone... They told me "Some Kid" bought it...

Fast forward a few months, and the old forum grew, the guy that bought the guitar joined. Turns out he was a student here in DC. I met him at the first PRS Forum Event (about 50 or so of us went out the factory), and I made him promise that if he ever sold it, I'd get first "Dibs".

Well, he kept his word, the following Fall, when he needed money for school, with the promise that I would sell it back to him if he could come up with the money within a year. Sadly for him, I still have the guitar...

It is the darkest, smoothest BRW neck I've ever seen or played...

The hardware has been changed to gold (I swapped with a guy who didn't like gold and wanted Nickel), with a gold anodized bridge and 57/08 pups...

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Yes !! I've seen this one before (pics on the internet). It's one of the 35 I've come across on one of my internet journeys but I didn't know it's number. #14 is a beauty indeed,Jamie and what a nice way to start this thread ! Thanks for posting.Peter.
Hi,Bob.Thanks for posting. Very nice guitar ! I've seen a few of these on the Hansen Guitars site. I wonder : is this one of them ?
I've sold off a bunch of these but still have my 1999 BRW Emerald Green Mac. I'll post up some photos when I have access to my photobucket account later. I kinda regret trading my Amber one to Brent earlier this year as it was in great condition with a great brazilian neck.
Since I'm like the 'host' of this particular thread,I'm gonna start posting some pics of these 30+ BRWoods I've already discovered. I'm gona start off with the lowest number and gradually move my way up,eventually getting to those instruments whose number I don't have.
I hereby encourage possible owners of those instruments to come forward and share their info on these beautiful instruments....Stay tuned !
Excellent! Beautiful guitar you have there too.... now on with the show.
...and a Very Happy New Year to each and everyone of you visiting this page !! Let's get 2013 started with something spectacular :




Yes,this #2. The story goes #1 was presented to Ted Mccarty himself so this is the next best thing.This baby was on eBay about 2 years back.I was mailing back and forth with the owner at the time thinking about buying it but eventually opted for an Artist IV instead.I've seen some other pics of the instrument and the neck is almost pure black.It resides somewhere in England now...
Here is #40/250. I couldn't locate photos of the ones I've already sold or traded...but this is as close to my "permanent collection" as it gets. The signed/numbered backplate has been taken off and framed with all my other signed backplates.










Ah,yes....this is the Emerald green one you promised to show us. Beautiful instrument! I found out #234 and #237 are also both emerald green and both graced with a flame top (and although they were both on the internet a while ago,I can't seem to retrieve any pics at this moment...).Calling all owners !
Yes! One more accounted for...and a beautiful one at that...Love that colour. Tomorrow I'll post some new pics of BRW's I've found on my internet travels. Stay tuned !!
Okay,we're back with some more Brazilian Rosewoods. Enjoy !

We start off with #44... another 'red' one,this time with a figured neck and moon inlays.



And the last treat for today : #184...





More to come tomorrow : the next one is gonna be a KILLER !!!
Hi everyone.I come bearing gifts...actually,just the one but what a looker ! PRS Brazilian Rosewood Mccarty #208 is the name.What a magnificent neck ! This guitar was up for sale on eBay a while ago. A few months later the guitar ended up on a Canadian guitar store website but I was like 5 minutes too late to buy it. Not my best day. Well, I can only hope this beautiful instrument has found a good home where it's treated well...




Found this one on the old Birds & Moons forum. It's #177 with soapbars.

Actually... you found those images right here on the Official PRS Forum. I had those photos taken a few months ago. I love BRW McCartys!

I'd love to see this thread try to collect all 250! Here is number 168 (which I recently sold to FlukePete).


And here's one that passed through my hands a few years ago in Turquise (pretty uncommon color). No idea which number it was. The seller (GC) had lost the hang-tag and back-plate.


And then there was this one (#139). It has an AMAZING black neck. It now belongs to my friend Shigeura San.


And then there is the MOB. It pre-dates the limited run.

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Here's #140. She has the best neck of any guitar I've ever played. I did a pickup swap for a set of zebra 57/08s. Great guitars...



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