BOOK: The Guitar Collection

I own over 300 amp and guitar books, some extremely rare and many signed by the authors. I think that I have a mint copy of every reference or picture book ever printed. I've paid up to $275 for a book, but could just not bring myself to pay the $1000-$1499 entry fee on this book. It will alway bother me not having it to complete my collection.
I wonder how many of Markie's guitars - past or present - are in that book?
I read like there's no tomorrow, and I would like to have a copy. But it's way too rich for my blood.

Maybe when the new wears off they'll do a more affordable version for us commoners.

Completely different from what I imagined it was before clicking the link. I though it was some subscription to a comprehensive database of all guitars made or something like that.

I must say that it looks awesome and the attention to detail, contributors, and quality are amazing to the point where it starts seeing like too much for just a book.

I honestly think it looks like a $300-400 book (The discount amount), but with such a low quantity produced you are paying for all the work put in place to create it and the exclusivity that comes with it.
This was made for the same people interested in collecting $30,000 guitars, not the majority of us.
Even paying a fraction of that, I would only get it if is going to be prominently displayed in the middle of my living room or somewhere in my house/office. To see it once and store it would be a waste to me.

This is only $4250, and it comes with free shipping.

Hey....with the discount, it's "only" $570 with tax.....I am wondering if that is worth asking my kids and wife to cosolidate all my Hanukah gifts this year into the book...the one with the PRS print of course. Or...for an extra $ can get an actual Angelus SE. Hmmm.......