Blue Oyster Cult


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Jun 27, 2012
Auburn, WA. USA
Why have these guy's never been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?
Buck's guitar leads sizzle, and many have wondered the same?

I was listening to these guy's back in the early 70s, and continue to this day.
They have some really great songs, some just not as well known as Fear The Reaper or Godzilla.

Some believe the song below refers to vampires, a very haunting melody.

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Hi all,

Buck's one of the best guitarists period. He actually plays on my band's new album "Eyeblinder" by The Lizardz. Buck plays lead and rhythm guitar on two songs. He also mixed and co-produced his contributions. His bandmate Richie Castellano is on an additional song. Feel free to check the album out on You can also verify in the news section of

We had the record mastered at Abbey Road in London this past spring. CD is out, and we are pressing vinyl due to be out late this month.

"Extraterrestrial Live" is still one of my favorite live albums from when I was a kid... I found it at the library on vinyl and took it home and recorded it on cassette then wore it out... I have it on CD now. I saw them live 3 times in the late 80's at STL Six Flags "Senior Nights" for High School students... Not the best version of the band in it's history, but still a great show! Also saw Santana and Cheap Trick during those runs at Six Flags. Great musical memories for me!
"Why have these guy's never been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?"

Not enough Cow Bell...
Is there ever enough cowbell?

Not according to Bruce Dickinson...


Of Gene Frenkle