blue lined cases


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May 9, 2012
Can someone fill me in on these for the sake of me being nosey

Is there 2 different types a formed fitted and a lighter blue plain one?

are they rare?
Yeah I should have clarified that. Ill come clean I have been offered one but I don't know if it's worth buying
The value really depends on the condition A LOT! I've been offered $500 for a spare blue-lined case I have. There's a guy on eBay with a blue-liner that has one for sale for a paltry $1100, even though it's beat to ****. He was originally asking $2000 I believe. The bottom line is they're a lot more rare than the black-lined cases, so they sell for a premium. From what I gather, there was no rhyme or reason which guitars got blue cases, they just grabbed a case and plopped a guitar into it for shipping.

Now...if you're looking for one for rarity's sake, go for it! If you want one for historical reasons, go for it. (I think a Vintage Yellow PRS requires a blue case, btw...). But I will say that if you're just looking for protection for a guitar, pass on it. Personally, I don't think the early cases are all that great. The guitars tend to slide around a little in my 2 blue-liners, and the all-black my Emerald Green 86 came with. I've never suffered any guitar damage due to my cases, but the loose fit sort of worries me.

Post some pics!!! :)
I'll get some pics up tomorrow, he claims it's from an 86. I just fancy keeping my ce24 in something special. It's worn but it's not going to go gigging or travelling much. Ill see how my offer goes. Not wanting to overpay just for the sake of it. I've seen a millcom 1 piece trem too. My money I've saved for an se7 is disappearing fast!
BTW, I'm only aware of the blue-liners from 1985-1987. My 88 Standard came with a black case with a metal PRS plate glued to the corner...totally different case.
I bought it!
I have been missing too many good things.
It's an investment and my chance to have some pretty cool vintage prs gear. My wallet won't allow me to get a vintage yellow cu24 yet.


Unfortunately the guitar isn't mine but it's a cool pic


Can't wait for it to arrive!
That looks to be in pretty good shape. But my 2 blue ones are form-fitted. Here's one of mine:


The blue lining on mine are a bit lighter fabric. Yours looks nice.