"Blue Chip" picks for electric guitars...??

I'm not very good at descriptors, or the specifics of exactly how much difference a pick makes. I just know that I like them. They're comfortable to hold, and I don't drop them. They sound good, and seem to make playing easier. Here are three threads from several years ago that you may find helpful.

Appreciate the research bodia, that was very helpful 👍🏻
I use several shapes, depending on what I'm doing and how my hands are feeling on the day of a session.

For most things electric, I use the Jazz 35 or Jazz 40. The more pointed tip helps with picking accuracy (and has the side benefit of being short enough that I don't hit the middle pickup on a 3 pickup guitar like the Special).

I also use Jazz 40 and 35 LGs for acoustic solos, where the string spacing is wider and that little bit of extra pick length seems to help.

For strumming I use the traditional teardrop shape TD 35. If my hands are feeling a bit off, I sometimes use a TAD 40 that's shaped like an overweight TD - bigger, somewhat more triangular, and easier to grip because of the added size.

I haven't tried the Primetone - the last Blue Chip I bought was 3 years ago - the things just don't wear out and I have 3-4 for each guitar at this point. So I haven't needed to buy any picks. It ain't broke, I'm not fixin' it! ;)

Exactly the type of stuff I wanted to know, especially since I'm wanting to purchase one for acoustic and one for electric 👍🏻