Blistertone CAD

I have a Deluxe Reverb reissue for cleans, I dig the Blistertone for the raunch. I got my first real guitar and Marshall in the early 80's so the tone in my head is that thick crunchy chunk, only way I know to describe it. I will say it is a dark amp though but I got an Xotic EP Booster that I leave on all the time set for 10 o'clock and it gives everything just enough sparkle to make all right with the tone I get.

My wife asked me if I was looking for an amp at Experience and I honestly told her no. Unless of course they release a twenty watt head version of the Blistertone so I can really open it up at home.........please...........

Love the Xotic EP Booster! I use mine in front of both the Blistertone and the MDT to get optimum tones from them. I usually have it at 10 to 11 o'clock.

Nothing required in front of the Sewell to make it sound great for mid to high gain tones, even at low volumes.