Black or Ivory?

Black or Ivory?

  • Black

    Votes: 28 56.0%
  • Ivory

    Votes: 22 44.0%

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I’d use the black for a month and then switch. I probably wouldn’t switch back...but you never know. Often my preference while playing is different than my preference when it sits in the case.
I really do think both look good, but I'm going I like the way it pulls in the fret board, the sides, and it looks good with the gold pup covers. And it's not as common. I like different.
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Great guitar there! Also the switch tip looks better dark to me. Maybe ebony wood tip down the line. The dark rings just look right and seem to match the board and sides.
I always like black on purple guitars. And like 11top said, it pulls together the different elements really well. But honestly, you can't go wrong with either that's a stunning guitar. my eyes, the white is contrasty and draws your eyes away from the figured wood top. Black disappears into the top and lets the wood be the star.
My real answer: the guitar.

Black, due to the way it matches the fingerboard and the darker quilt grains.
The way to pull off the ivory is to change the tuner buttons to match. Then you'd have a full setup. But the black looks great, it blends with the dark stain in your quilt. VERY NICE.
Gooooot lawwwd man that this is ridiculous! That board!!! Black all the way....if it were mine anyway. It's all about what you like...besides what's the worst thing that could happen if we didn't like your choice ....scratch that... we would bust your chops and you might be the cautionary tale of the guy that didn't choose the color the forumites thought would look best...Yup! That's exactly what would happen...Think it thru bro...there's a lot riding on this....but no pressure...:D