Birthday 41 - Strange Day


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Nov 23, 2015
QCA Iowa
So a year ago, I had an interesting 40th birthday were I was about to blame Dave's for forgetting to put my Angelus Custom in the case case before shipping it to me (I also ended up with a McCarty that day). If you hadn't read the tale then click my name and look it up. Pretty funny story.

Fast forward a year and here we are. Today started like crap as my wife and I are dealing with hangovers (went out last night with friends for our wedding anniversary. Yes, we had a DD). I got up before she did and made coffee and let the dog out. I putzed around on the computer a bit (I read the news every morning), switched from coffee to beer, went to the post office and grocery store, cleaned two cat boxes and took the trash out. Oh, I also did a load a dishes. What the hell??

My wife kept asking me "What time does Guitar Center close?" To be honest, I couldn't care less as this was at 5 this evening and I spent the afternoon doing chores. My answer "Eh...." (I had a pretty bad attitude at this point). It's my birthday and the only acknowledgement that I have received thus far was a phone call from my Dad saying "Happy Birthday, but I forgot and I'll send a check soon" and a text from my sister with a pic of her and my mom at the Cubs/Cards game. So woohoo for me!

So I go to GC with my wife. Surprisingly, the used section was underwhelming. Not a single thing I was interested in. My wife even commented on it being rather "simple". So I go look at new stuff. I pulled an SG off the rack and played it. I liked it. I also played a V. I liked it as well. My wife.....well she didn't like them. I asked her why and she said "You don't have that look in your eye as when you play the guitars that you already have."

Now, I only have PRS guitars at home and I really wasn't in the mood to be at GC. But I said "Pick me a guitar. Find something that you like the look of." So this incredible wife of mine spots the only PRS on the rack. on the top row.....its an S2 24 Standard.

Wow! Great guitar!! I played it for quite a bit and said "Yes, this will make an excellent birthday gift!" I was stoked.....great playing guitar and I was digging the tones. Just a bit different than what I already have but very useful.

So we paid for the S2....I'm still excited and happ. I asked to verify that the case had all of the proper hang tags, docs, trem arm, springs, etc. Well they couldn't locate them. I was at the counter as several associates tried to take trem arms from other guitars to see what would work. Now I'm getting annoyed and said "I have six PRS guitars hanging on my wall. Paperwork, candy, and accessories for a new one should be in the case". So off to the back the GM went and came back with everything. And all was good. Until.......

I looked at the name tag of my sales associate. Alex. Hmmmm......where do I know him from? Alex? Holy crap....that is the son of one of my customers! Hell of a good guitar player and someone that I have donated guitar and PA gear to over the years. As my wife was signing on the line for the S2, he said "Dude, if you're into PRS, you have to check out what came in last night used." I said sure....I mean....why not....I just bought an S2.

He runs to the back (seriously, he RAN to the back) and out he comes with one of the most incredible guitars that I have ever seen. It's a '17 Wood Library DGT!! Bound FLAMED neck, birds, and trem. I can't tell you the color at the moment but it's red on the outside and turns into grey on the inside of the burst.

I had to hold it and the kid says "Play it".

Well I eyeball it. The beast is minty fresh. I'm looking at frets, corners, and the pickup covers for scratches and dings. Nothing. Right there, in front of my wife who just paid for the S2, I asked for the price again. My wife said "Don't worry about that. You just got a new guitar so go have some fun!"

Now, my wife is really awesome (read about what she did to me last year). While I'm playing this guitar, she has the staff go in the back to get the case and make sure that everything is proper. She came up to me and asked me how I like it. Of course, I'm drooling because this thing is SWEET! I keep playing (Marshall DSL40 new version) and the sales staff are gathering around. I'm thinking that it's because they want to prevent anything bad from happening to it in case I fell off the stool. Nope.....

Nope. Turns out, while I was playing my wife returned the S2 and put a massive chunk down on the Wood Library DGT. She likes it better. I have to wait another two weeks before getting it (per GC policy to verify that it wasn't stolen) but it's mine.

Seriously - a frigging Wood Library DGT is about to be mine!! The GC manager even took a picture of me playing it to send to District (not that that matters much). I am beyond belief that an instrument of this caliber is coming into my possession. This guitar makes my others feel like rocks (and I have a solid stable). Oh....and the case is a wonder as well. Black paisley, beige ends, blue interior.

Just another bizarre birthday.....and I'm extremely grateful!!!

Pics or it's a Hello Kitty, though...


If I wasn't so quick to pull the trigger on PRSi online via Reverb, etc, I'm pretty sure my wife would treat me similarly!
Thanks guys! Pics will be coming for certain when I get my mitts on it.

I'm still surprised that my wife agreed to get it as I'm still in the dog house about buying the second 2 Channel H awhile back. She did make me agree to no more guitars or amps this year....I'm not happy with that but I can survive.
Forgot to mention, and I didn't notice it until I looked at the receipt (was looking up the serial number), but it has the Artist package as well. I told them not to change the strings or adjust anything on's perfect as is.

I'm not sure on how and why the Davenport IA GC seems to acquire these instruments around my birthday every year (my CU24 and McCarty both came from them...always this time of year) but I can't complain! I'm probably going to have to offload my '06 CE24 in Blazing Copper (great guitar....I just don't play it often) but that's a sacrifice that I can make!
Happy birthday!

I try to get myself a PRS sumpin’ on my birthday each year, but I have to buy ‘em myself. :(
Hell yea that sounds awesome man!! No better birthday present than a new PRS and spending time with the family. Also, we're going to need some pics to make sure it's not an Epiphone or something :D.