Best Songs With Bass Intros

There is nowhere without a bass in music - the rhythm of the composition is kept on it and drums. Therefore, the bass must be heard, and it is also desirable to make it qualitatively so that listeners can remember it. I like Black Sabbath - War Pigs. The best, in my opinion, is the song in the discography of the band. It was planned to name the band's second album (which was called Paranoid at the insistence of the label). But most of all, it is notable that the bass part in it is much more complicated than the guitar riff. It's unlikely you'll find this album so that you can click and rate these basses.
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From the world’s best bassist:

I saw Level 42 in 1985 (opened for Steve Winwood)...DAMN Mark King's bass is huge sounding. I watched the sound check from the stage pit...four Trace Elliot speaker cabs, crushing my was glorious !
Although it may not be as exciting as many on this list, the intro to Lou Reed's "Walk On The Wild Side" is a bass line that sets the tone for the song to perfection IMO!
I know it’s not like the G.O.A.T. of bass intros…but it’s a killer one regardless. Oh and the drum fills are stanky too. Just a killer groove in general.
We Gotta Get Outta This Place - Eric Burdon and the Animals -
When I saw this thread got resuscitated I thought about this song. Almost posted and then thought I had better check.

So long way of saying here is a second for this Animals great one.