Best Songs With Bass Intros

Strangely enough, the music I like doesn't feature prominent bass lines.

So, for the best song that has a bass intro, I'm going with Acca ⚡ Dacca and "Live Wire"
I've never looked specifically for With Bass Intros but thought I'd find out what you mean. Here is my favorite song "squid game doll sing" and it has the same notes as the style in which the songs are written using bass. It's not a rock performance but just a rendition of a creation. I was recently at a festival in the Finnish suburbs, which borders with Russia, and I can say that very many songs are written in this fashion, regardless of the location of the city, history or country as a whole. Very beautifully done by all who use Bass Intros.
Quite surprised no one has mentioned this one yet. Even though it was done on a Fender VI bass (which is essentially a baritone guitar), that song is pretty much what it is because of that bass line. Simon Galllup's a bada$$ bass player and criminally underrated. I am just happy he is back in The Cure where he rightfully belongs.