Best PRS Dealers?

Isaac cruz

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Nov 11, 2017
I'm currently searching for my first PRS, and was wondering which shops have a good selection and give great deals. I've bought several acoustic guitars from dealers that take out up to 40% of the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), and was wondering if there was something similar for electric guitars.
Jack Gretz at Northeast Music Center has given me the most amazing customer service experience I’ve ever had. If there’s an issue, he deals with it with PRS same day. I’ve bought an awful lot of guitars from him.

Jack is the best vendor I have for my studio business.

He’s also an experienced luthier, and his setups are terrific. I’ve found his repair work to be spot-on, with original parts, and he’s careful with the instruments. So it’s been great for that reason as well.
It's difficult to find a PRS authorized dealer that isn't doing it right... because if they are not, they don't remain a PRS authorized dealer.

So, expect a range from good to outstanding.
I'm sure they are all great guy's and have only heard good things your side of the pond and mine.
My only experience from the U,S side was my McCarty W/L with Brian and the team at Brian's Guitars.
Top notch service and I'll certainly be contacting Brian when I've saved up enough for my dream.!!!
First off, Brian's gets my vote for dealer.

Secondly, I believe PRS operates on the MAP system...minimum advertised price. Your best bet would be to contact a dealer and start the discussion once you find a guitar you are interested in.

The MAP system makes a lot more sense to me. You probably won't get a huge discount off that, but that's because the prices aren't jacked up to an artificially high level like MSRP.

All great dealers mentioned, but if you're looking for a core model I'll throw in a plug for Righteous Guitars, my local shop. Their website doesn't even begin to do justice to their selection. It's best to give them a call and tell them what you're looking for.
Doug at Wild West Guitars

Since I've only had the opportunity for one specialty purchase so far, I landed there -- just happened to be in Socal at the time and they had at least half a dozen spectacular 594s in stock when I was on the hunt. (Wooo!)

Doug and Bo rule. Period. I worked in the industry for a while, so I'm always happy to see such a well-run shop, but my experience here really floored me. Fantastic guys, Doug was an absolute champion for devoting so much attention to my needs, and he's like my spirit animal when it comes to his WL stuff. Wild West has killer inventory (prepare to drool) and an ideal test-drive environment. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Best of luck @Isaac cruz . Please report back and post pictures when you've done, it's the non-optional, accepted social convention. ;)

It's difficult to find a PRS authorized dealer that isn't doing it right... because if they are not, they don't remain a PRS authorized dealer.

My favorite part, hands down. This soothes my soul like you have no idea....
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When I was buying my 594, I got the majority of recommended dealers listed here to give me 15% off the MAP price.
On top of all of the shops mentioned, I'd add John Mann's Guitar Vault and Ish Guitars, which is a new place but fantastic.
...Doug at Wild West Guitars.

I never bought from Wild West Guitars. It was funny after I bought my first PRS, that I found it listed on their website. Meanwhile, the store that sold it to me could not find the guitar in their inventory. This lead me on a wild goose chase to figure out the history of my guitar and where it actually came from.

I think the PRS rep had taken it to Wild West and had it listed, but then took it to my store, where it was stashed in the back because the store manager was going to buy it. That is, until someone brought it out from the back to show it off and my wallet caught on fire.

My emails with Bo Harrison at Wild West were most helpful in figuring out the mystery. They were very helpful and answered my questions quickly. So, although I've never technically purchased a guitar from them, I do recommend them, based on my email experience with them. Bo was that helpful.