Best model with combo single coil and humb. sounds


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Oct 13, 2012
Ive traditionally had a Strat as my main guitar but have always been attracted to the prs for its quality build and sound. Im thinking of buying one... but would still like to retain that single coil sound as well as the fatter humbucker sound in the same guitar. I love the new 408 and this seems to fit the bill. Anyone out there have any suggestions for any other model that could do what i am looking for? Thanks
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It seems that the DGT may be another good one to try for what you are after, if the threads here are anything to go by :)
Most PRS guitars have col splits/taps except the SC58 and Stripped 58 I think. You have a lot of choice!
I am still a sucker for the old-school CE/Standard/Custom 24 5-way rotary single coil sounds.

The 408s in my Siggy give you what I would liken to really meaty versions of the 1-3-5 positions from a strat (using an SE EG SSS as a reference). As far as traditional taps on an HH - not super crazy about the taps on the Mira, the ones on the new SE Custom 24 sound pretty good though, especially at the price point.
If you use positions 2 and 4 then I suggest 513, NF3 or Studio. 513 obviously has those tones covered and a whole bunch more, the NF3 and studio can get there with use of the volume knob. Perhaps the NF3 is a closer Strat approximation with it's maple neck.
I don't think the coil tap on the PRS guitars gives you a single coil sound. they give me an option to the humbucker sound, but the moment you pick up a single coil humbucker guitar and A/B, you see that it's not the same. I really like the DC3, NF3, SAS and 305 and I think they cover lots of sounds. I don't like the 513. In a live situation, I get confused with the controls and options. But that's me.
I had the opportunity to try out the 408 at the Experience 2012 and those ones really impressed me. You have no volume loss from HB to Single coil sounds and the guitar sounds sweet and plays like a PRS. So I think you have many options on the PRS line (SAS, Studio, 513, SC3, NF3, 305 and all the ones HB equipped with split coil).
If you want a fat strat sound in a PRS package I would suggest you the SAS or the 305. if you need both humbucker and the single sound, 408's are the way to go. I just wish they had a little hotter bridge pick up and a piezo option, but that's another story