Best Live Album?

Oh, heck yeah, my introduction to Rush.

Loved side 3, especially, and one of these days, I'm going to do a bizarre cover of "What You're Doing" that I have in my head.

<3 RUSH...FTW!

Also, Dusty, cool avatar pic. I have a buddy that's going to get that as a tat. Not to make lite of any of our South East coast brethren.
Jeff Buckley's "Live at Sin-e" would have to be my favourite. There can be absolutely no doubt of how immensely talented a guitarist, vocalist, and performer he was once you've heard this album. It's got some of what I consider to be the best covers around, as well as really great versions of several of the songs that later appeared on "Grace". Everyone should own this album.

And a close second, Josh Ritter's "In The Dark - Live at Vicar Street". When you listen to the album, you can really hear his energy and joy of performing.
Mine would be (in no particular order)...

MC5 - "Kick Out The Jams" (1969)
The Who - "Live at Leeds" (1970)
Frank Zappa - "Roxy & Elsewhere" (1974)
Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane Quartet - Live at Carnegie Hall (1957)
David Bowie - "Live at Santa Monica '72" (1972)
I have strong emotional bond to two live albums, simply because I have power-played these since 1980:

Whitesnake Live in the Heart of the City
Rainbow On Stage

... an couple of other, like

Led Zeppelin Songs Remain the Same
Mahogany Rush Live
I had a long drive back from Connecticut today and had a chance to listen to "Delicate Sound of Thunder" and "Pulse" back to back.

The production/mixing of the former is far superior to the latter. Where "DSoT" is articllate and balanced, "Pulse" is muddy and indistinct.

I had never listened to them back to back before, but "DSoT" is imminently more listenable. I found myself straining to hear instruments I knew were present on "Pulse" that were buried in the mix. I'm also not a fan of the harmony/doubling of other singers over parts Gilmore previously sang solo.

I have both videos, so I know what I should be hearing on both. "Pulse" is an audio disappointment.

Also missing on "Pulse":

MOUNTAIN-Flowers of Evil- Half studio , Half live...Roll over Beethoven was a great live cut- Leslie West at his best...
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Great couple of albums here.

One that still needs to be on the list is Tokyo Tapes by the Scorpions.
"All The World's A Stage" by Rush has already been mentioned, but I'll throw in:

Live Evil by Black Sabbath
Live After Death by Iron Maiden
Extraterrestrial Live by Blue Oyster Cult
Alive I & II by Kiss
Disturbed - Live at Red Rocks (2016)

I was there. Amazing show. Amazing CD.

Okay, I'm in on this -
Bill Evans - Waltz for Debby.
Yes - Yessongs. Maybe not the greatest, but Yes was my first concert in 1978.
Joni Mitchell - Shadows and Light.
Eric Clapton - Just One Night. Loved it when it first came out. Then hated it for a few years. Now am back in the liking it camp.

Am sure I'll think of more. This is off the top of my head. The other 3 or 4 I could list right now are all acoustic jazz with only one having a guitar.
Just downloaded some of the dead and company shows, well worth a listen

Best shows I ever saw personally were radio head at Glastonbury and oasis at knebworth

Love watching old Rolling Stones concerts
Anything that involves Nile rogers is also good for me
Fleetwood Mac's "Boston Live" is a pretty good set, even though it seems thrown together haphazardly compared to slicker live productions like the ABB's "Live at Fillmore East." Two different 25 minute jams over "Rattlesnake Shake" highlight both the live power of the original Mac lineup and the undisciplined mashup nature of this particular live production. Man, was Peter Green ever a monster player in 1970, howling banshee harmonics off of snarling open chords, that angry vibrato that seizes the note and throttles it an instant ahead of the beat like some kind of feral beast, and then he'd segueway into mellow bluesy turnarounds and comps, sweet as molasses. Danny Kirwan was riffing hard and steady on the rhythm guitar the whole set, and Jeremy Spencer was no slouch on his slide-drenched throwback numbers. Mick and Mac were at the very top of their game, with Mac even tossing in an epic six minute bass solo to close out the outro jam on "Green Manalishi."
Jeff Beck, Live at Ronnie Scotts
Black Sabbath, Live Evil (saw that tour, Dio was frickin amazing)
Any and all live Rush (Esp. All the World's a Stage)
Kiss Alive I (my first live album...sentimental)
Kansas (Two for the Show)