Best Guitar Cable ?

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    For any PRS loving Canadians, I suggest checking out the Yorkville Studio One cables Long & Mcquade sells:

    Here is Yorkville's site:

    They feature Amphenol connectors and 18AWG wire. I am pretty sure this is the wire used:

    Because the specs match the Yorkville Specs exactly.

    The advertised capacitance for that wire is 27.4 pF/FT, which is pretty good.

    I just picked up a 20ft cable that sounds very nice to my ears. Just thought I'd share seeing as PRS Signature Cables are harder to come by up here, as are most boutique cable brands and even Mogami. But there is a decent alternative being sold in one of our biggest guitar chains.
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    I am happy with the low capacitance BTPA cables between guitar and pedal board, and board and amp.

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