Been offered a swap BUT


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May 9, 2012
Been offered a swap of my ce24 for a mcarty HB1
Only problem is I can't part with my ce24! I have a marshall stack that I wanted to swap but no deal and he did want my ce24.
I have been hunting for a hollowbody for years but my ce24 is my favourite PRS colour and I'm at home when playing it
What to do :confused:



Its got some dings and missing the hardcase but HB's don't come up too often secondhand in the UK. I wanted birds and different finish but is this a good deal?
Definitely a good deal - especially for a CE, but like you said - if you love the CE don't be so quick to give it up for a guitar you aren't sure you love....
If I lived over there I would shoot it to PTC for birds and get it finished in the same orange as the CE
I'm really stuck with this one. I really need rid of that marshall but this might be too good to miss
I missed out on one last year that I still kick myself over, tobacco burst, birds, ex celeb owned too haha
Even without the case that is a great trade for a CE. But I am with you, I would find it hard to trade my CE for anything. Though my CE is the same finish and figuring as that McCarty, so I would probably trade for that! :vroam:

Rule to live by, regret is an ugly thing when you can't get "the one" back.
I didn't go for it, I kind of regret it but I will hang out for the right one. It was 850 mile round trip and if I'm going that distance I could have more choice
I'll keep the CE for now ;)
I am glad that you did that. You would regret it later if it is your favorite guitar. Plus, the HB was not the way you want it. Just sell the amp and find the right HB or buy that one.