Backup amps?

Learned the hard way a few years ago when my Hughes & Kettner Triamp MKII failed mid show and didn't have an adequate backup. Right now I'm gigging the 50/100 watt Archon as my main amp and bringing a Mesa Boogie Mark V 25 along just in case which is a great head as well. I've used a single channel Orange OR15 before as a backup and would have been happy with it to.
I've rarely had issues with a guitar amp, but as a bassist - I've had lots of overheating issues with amps. Not trying to derail here, but gear has gotten so much better/cheap for decent backup rigs. I'm not gigging right now & I don't have a backup to speak of.... but, if I was going to carry a backup - I'd consider the FR5, it looks great, simple, small, easy.