Back from hiatus


10 o'Clubs
Apr 26, 2012
Buffalo/New York
Hey hey! I know I've been MIA for ages but I'm finally back. University classes have been kicking my bum and I've been incredibly busy traveling and picking up gigs anywhere and everywhere so I haven't had much time to spend online in the past few months but summer has come around, classes are over and I've picked up a new job working at Guitar Center that I'm quite happy with. So I am looking forward to catching up on all the goodness I've missed and I'm really looking forward to contributing to new threads in the future. Glad to be back in this great community. Definitely missed chatting with you guys while I was away.
Welcome back to the fold Denny!!!

Any new gear since last we saw you?

Thanks a ton :) I haven't really picked up any new guitar gear lately. I have an amp coming in sometime thing summer hopefully that was built by one of our Bam brothers and I was also working on commissioning a seven string and then life got hectic but I plan to get that process underway in the coming weeks.

Hey buddy.

Hola. How goes life both on and off the board?