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Artist you would like to see play PRS whom does not currently.


All Birds that Fly.
Oct 21, 2016
Northern, Massachusetts
Been thinking on this one for a while there are many but one of my fav's is Brian May. I would love to see him play a PRS. Can imagine the music he would make, who would you like to see play a PRS?
In alphabetical order, soas not to indicate preference:

Adrian Belew (he'd need a fully Private Stock, because he has those Sustainiac pickups in his Parker sig...)
George Benson (archtop!)
Matt Stevens (The Fierce and the Dead) (he's a rocker, but no idea what he favours, so perhaps a 594SC or a Custom 24? Solo he does a lot of clean guitar, so...HBII w/piezo?)
Yvette Young (she's a magical unicorn, and can make anything sound good, including her Talman or her .strandberg*...so pretty much anything, including a SVN)
Joe Bonamassa
To me, he is one guy that it is especially interesting that he doesn't. He is such a guitar collector, gear head. I have seen him in I don't know how many concerts. He switches guitar every song. He plays just about every possible type, Strat, Tele, Explorer, 335, LP, everything. And yet never a PRS. I have wondered this often.