Artist Pickups


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Feb 12, 2013
I am considering buying a set of used Artist pickups. The gold pole screws are somewhat worn. Does anyone know where I can obtain 12 new gold pickups screws? Is there a standard thread size for the pole screws on these? Is there a specific metal or alloy from which the screws should be made?

Also the DC Resistance measures 9.38k ohms on both the bass and treble pickups. Is this normal, or should I expect the treble pickup to read higher?

Thank You!
You're welcome.

So do all humbuckers use the same size screws (thread size, head diameter and length?)
(#5-40 x 3/4"?)​
No, some are different (or so I've read) but those should work in PRS pickups. At least they did when I bought some from the same place.​

Do I just unscrew the existing screws and screw these in?
Yes. One at a time.

Is it that easy??
Like a hobo on a hot dog.
One further question... When I removed the original Pole Screws, some came out with what appears to be a small collar of wax just under the screw head. Is this just excess wax from the pickup (are uncovered pickups potted?), or was the wax put there to reduce microphonics, or some such thing?