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Article on Paul and Reflections on 35 years (and guitars) Guitar Player October 2020


"I floor it. That’s technical talk." SRV
Oct 23, 2015
Paul reflects on PRS most formative guitars and shares guitar treasures from the vault. Nice article!

Best quote:

"I was always told that if you build something magic, the world will pave a path to your door. But it's not true. If you build something magic, you get an appointment! [laughs] I thought if I could get Carlos [Santana] to play my guitars, everything would change. He played a late night show, was killing it for 30 minutes with my guitar, and 20 minutes of it was a close up of the guitar - not even Carlos - just the guitar, and it was worldwide. But afterward, nothing changed. What had happened was, I had the right to get an appointment. They would at least see me now....."