Are PRS trems closer to the body now?


New Member
Apr 28, 2012
I have a Custom 22. From the factory the trem was higher than the suggested 1/16" from the PRS support page. I've noticed in recent pictures that the new models seem to have the trem much closer to the body. Is this so, or does it just appear that way in pics?
As far as I know, there is an ideal distance from the trem to the body which is part of the correct set-up. I would imagine that this has not changed. that being said, I will often receive "NOS" guitars from dealers that have sat around for over a year before I received some cases the set up is perfect...and in some cases the trem is nearly 1/2 inch away from the body. In one case, what appeared to be a terrible set up was pure carelessness on the dealer's part. the gutiar was received with one of the trem springs unattached, and the resultant "setup" was about 1/2" from the body on the top part of the trem, with the underside flush with the body itself. It's rare...but it's happened more than once.