Tja ba!Läget?
May 5, 2012
Dont know if this political or not but just wanted to say how much i appreciate you keep PRS an american company in this global world.
I guess i am a bit upset working for a former swedish company,now a multinational big corporation with a spanish boss,a dutch security manager that screams and threatens people.Not fun when you are marginalised to only a cost.I guess that is the way it works but pride goes away. :(
As someone who works for long-standing American company who started going global a few years ago, I can attest to the fact that it is very very difficult to do global properly. Maintaining quality, in either product or service, is a constant struggle, with continual course corrections.

To that end, I think that PRS has done an incredible job of maintaining (and improving) the quality of their products, providing a consistently high level of customer service, and successfully globalizing and maintaining quality with the SE line.

Plus, they make some bitchin' guitars...
Yeah,great guitars,a superb and high quality product.This is getting very important for me as a consumer and i know most products is made in low-cost labour countries.Thats why i buy american guitars :)
Well, I drive a Toyota FJ Cruiser, have driven Toyotas for eons.
I do buy a lot of made in America stuff too though.

In April I bought a brand new Gibson '61 SG Reissue, and a Carvin V3M amp which is made in CA.

Now the huge company I work for has gone global (hint, aircraft company that starts with a B) and it caused a major delay in getting one of the latest birds off the ground due to parts not fitting correctly.

And today or tomorrow I take possession of my first PRS guitar, but it is made in South Korea, not the USA.
But I hear the quality is top notch on them, often rivaling American made guitars costing two to three times as much.