Anything special I should keep in mind installing a tremolo update kit?

Discussion in 'PTC - PRS Tech Center' started by Lee B., Nov 1, 2017.

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    Hi all,

    I just ordered a tremolo update kit to replace a lost intonation screw/spring and replace a worn arm bushing in my 1990 EG. I intend to replace all the intonation screws and springs for sure, but I am curious whether it would be worthwhile to replace the old saddle height adjustment screws with the unplated brass ones from the kit. My EG is the beneficiary of a really proper Eric Daw setup job, and the saddle heights are simply PERFECT right now, making me a little hesitant to mess with those screws. Also, any tricks you could share about popping out the old arm bushing?

    Thanks a million!

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    Hi Lee,

    I would suggest taking measurements of everything before you start swapping out screws. That way you can return the set up back to where it was.

    Sometimes, you might have to remove the trem plate in order to access the trem arm bushing. Hopefully, you won't have to do that.
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