Anyone watching _Wheel Of Time_ ?

is anyone watching _Wheel of Time_?

  • not watching - don't care about your stupid poll

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  • read the books but dont mind the show

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  • read the books and i'm with you, bro, this series is killing me

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  • have not read the books but enjoy the show

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Apr 26, 2012
is anyone watching _Wheel of Time_ on Prime? i'm struggling with it because i seem to be a cork-sniffing purist. i've read all the books and the series has taken some serious liberties, ruined characters, disrupted plot lines, etc.
We are on the same page. I watched Season 1 and was interested enough to then read all of the books. Then I rewatched Season 1... Other than the names and some events, I do not even recognize it. They took so many liberties in season 1 that Season 2 is wildly different from what I expected. I really want to like the show, but they skip over so much that it feels like an abbreviated summary. Tons of things get missed or lack impact. I will stick with it and just see it as "inspired by" rather than a reflection of the books.
My wife has read the books, and she has said 1000 times in two seasons “that’s not in the books.” I’m not a fiction reader, so I can’t tell when a movie goes astray of “canon” from the books, and I think I enjoy the adaptations more because of it. Were I to read and enjoy the books, I doubt I’d watch the movies… no way can a tv series not guaranteed to be produced year to year is going to stick to chronology, characters, or anything more than general theme. That’s not to mention matching the imaginations of the reader.

Seems a doomed proposition to me. While some might do better than others, it’ll never match a well written book coming alive in your mind.

I’m enjoying parts of it, while some characters are very wearing to slog through. I’ve certainly seen worse. Season two is much less focused than the first.
I have not read the books. I tried but the slow take off in the first book killed me. I am not much of a reader when it comes to stories. I read to learn, which most people hate. I gave the book to my wife and she stuck with it and got hooked. She has read all of the books and she is not a real fan of the show. We have watched most of the episodes that are available and most of the time she has a comment about how they took some liberty with something. So, I voted for my wife.
I've enjoyed the series although it is a bit slow . Books are always better