Anyone here work at PRS?


PRS Addiction
Jun 27, 2012
Auburn, WA. USA
Trying to track my SE Santana that was shipped to my local music store two Mondays ago.
Has not shown up yet, overdue.
Still has not shown up.
My dealer will call them tomorrow after the holiday to see what is up.
From MD. to WA. state it should have arrived on Monday.
Thanks Shawn.
I tried that the other day, and they could not do it, gotta be a dealer I guess.
I did have a guy there from the support email address get in touch with me, but he said it had to be done via sales too.

My dealer did get the bill for it though, hopefully it is on its way, and he will get in touch with someone tomorrow.
If not, I will try Sweetwater, as they are trickling in there.
They have three whale blues in stock, but no orange ones at this time which is what I want.
No go yet.
Dealer called the inner sales department this morning wanting my tracking number and all he got was voicemail.
Not looking very good so far.
Heeeeeeeee haw :D

My local dealer just called me a few minutes ago to let me know UPS just dropped it off.
They are going to try and get it all setup tonight with the Planet Waves Autotrim tuners and Ernie Ball Cobalts in 9 to 42 for me.
Hopefully it will be done for me to pick up tomorrow.