Anyone else just accept the fact youre a PRS guy....

Like Paul's association with McCarty .. Teye's was Tony Zemaitis got to love another luthier with this much passion
Don't worry folks .. I'm still VERY loyal to PRS
PRS and Knaggs for me. They are the only guitars I've ever played that I can buy without actually playing them first. The consistency is so spot on that I know exactly what adjustments I need to do to every guitar to make it play how I want. Knaggs Kenais are amazing guitars. After years of hating LP guitars, I played a Kenai and went "OHHH, this is what they were trying to do". Then I got a 594 and said the same thing.
Oh Indeed Knaggs! Love my Kenai with Lollar P90's

I've had an old bell brass Dobro for 40 years , always mic'd with an SM57 .. in my daily search for rare and cool I came across this .. up in Nashville.. Olive tree front and back w/ Ash sides K&K pickup
Predominantly of course .. but every so often another temptation comes along .. this one is weird enough to be desirable. Built in Austin, TX . The neck and body are shipwreck mahogany, ebony fb The turquoise .. whew ! .. the engaving on both sides is SO cool .. shades of Ronnie Wood!

I love that! As a huge Black Crowes/Rich Robinson fan, I've always wanted to try a Zemaitis.
Pretty much. I am currently trying a Tom Anderson.. I'm just waiting. The TA is 6 months away. I feel like I've boxed myself into just PRS with each purchase out of habit, and I always wanted to try a TA. With the prices of PRS in Canada, I was actually better off with TA for the first time....wild. But my goto was always PRS. Mostly because:

1. I love their necks
2. I love their quality
3. I can order one online, and where I live I have no other choice but to order online .However, because of their quality and their consistency, I've yet to have a bad one. I can't say that about ANY other brand I've ordered so far.

Their pickups have been hit or miss, but mostly a hit.

I only buy Core's. I can't speak for SE/S2. I've tried a few PS's...and my dream would be to do the factory thing and get a PS and now that I have had a few, I feel I can actually build a decent PRS for my style. But I'll never afford one. Thier PS stuff is just at another level of stunning. My hat goes off to the PS team, and their sheer talent. I'll try the TA, and if isn't my thing, then back to PRS?
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PRS guy all the way. I’ve been on board since 1992, and I will be til the end! That said, I also own several other brands and each one is special, to me. I use PRS for all live gigs, and 80% of recording gigs. Out of the 10 electrics I own, half of them are core and wood library models. My lone acoustic is a cherished J-45 that I’ve had since 1973… so yeah, sign me up, I’m a fanboy!
I'm a PRS guy for sure. I also have a Nash strat and Suhr tele, but haven't played those guitars much and will be selling them to cover another PRS on the way. As others have said, it's the sound, feel, and look of the guitars. The classic double cut body shape is home for me. Having met Paul at a few clinics and Experience events, I'm a fan of their work - love the passion he brings and the commitment to building quality instruments.
I can confidently say that I'm not brand loyal to anyone. However, my SE HBII Piezo is my favorite electric of the hodgepodge.

The family:

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I have tried many different brands / models, but the only ones that make me feel "at home" are my PRS and Ibanez Prestige ones. All the other ones might be OK or fun to play, but I always end up gravitating towards these 2. Does that make a PRS (and Ibanez) guy? Maybe, I shall wear that as a badge of honor.
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I have always been a Gibson person.


Over the last few years, it seems like the guitars that go out
the front door with me most of the time were made by Mr. Smith.
What's up with that?
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I used to be more of a PRS guy than I am now. Nowadays a Tele and an LTD share the stage with an SE Custom. I've retired my Custom and Standard, as they are worth a lot more now than they used to be. I still occasionally gig my McCarty and P22, but not often. Eventually, they'll get put away too. I've been playing a lot of acoustic gigs lately, and that has been a blast!
I've played Gibby's since '79,still have all 5 including 3 custom shops.
Great guitars ... but not my go to anymore.
Paul has nailed the playability factor like a billion dollar lotto .. through a team effort centered on excellence and improvement.

While I occaisionally stray from the flock , it's always a very niche instrument. Day in /Day out PRS are very hard to beat .