Anyone else just accept the fact youre a PRS guy....

I did manage to sell a few of my "lesser" PRS and a few "other" brands.
But even though I rarely play it anymore I just can't persuade myself to let my LP go, I have had it a long time although there is no sentimental value tbh.
Do I look at other guitar brands when shopping?
Heck yes.
Do I buy other brands?
Um, well not really, as my recent S2 10th purchase

So yep maybe I am now a PRS guy... whatever that means.
I spent quite a few years as an exclusively PRS guy. The journey acquiring different Core guitars and down to the SEs I play, I have enjoyed it all. The community it is awesome, the guitars are great...but I have found myself desiring other styles of guitars again. I still play PRS 99.999% of the time, though.
Don't forget the Santana.. always remember the Santana!

And arguably my favorite guitar. KL33


There's also the 88-91 Studio. A guitar very high on my want list. Theres the older core Mira with 24 fret too..

You're not alone on wanting a modern HSH or HSS 24 fret guitar from PRS. I'd be all about that.
Yeah, I took a look through current models and noticed the Santana. I’ll have to find one in stock somewhere to check out. Risking the wrath of Sergio… I don’t think I’ve ever really played one.

The others it’s just a matter of not finding one available when I can swing another purchase. I peruse Reverb almost daily looking for something interesting.
I'm a NUBE to the forum acquiring my first guitar (PRS Silversky SE Dragonfruit), after over 45 years of not playing , then 12 String Framus acoustic and then was gifted a PRS 2011 Setneck, HH, Spalted with Gold Trem and locking tuners. Really want to know more about the 2011 model serial number 11 175295 and yes im a PRS guy all the way!
Last year I finally decided it was time to admit it and start calling myself a PRS fanboy. I have guitars from a number of manufacturers. However, my collection is about 40% to 45% PRS. I have sold a few off so far this year so that percentage is probably creeping closer to 50% now. I just love what PRS builds. Not that I hate my other guitars. I just reach for a PRS first. I have 5 guitars on hangers in the room I am in now and 4 of them are PRS. I am not sure I could ever go all PRS. They would have to build something they haven't done yet to get in the territory of a few other guitars that I won't sell.
I'm kind of in the same boat as you, but I do have a Gibson Explorer and a Japanese made Ibanez RG. Overwhelmingly, I'm a PRS guy. I have a Core Custom 24, a Core Custom 22, an S2 Custom 24, and a CE-22 Maple Top. I have also had an S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow, an S2 594 Singlecut, an S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow and had a brief affair with an SE Silver Sky Maple. While the guitars in the previous sentence are no longer in my collection, the only one that was a dud was the SE Silver Sky Maple.

Presently, I have my eye on a non-PRS...I know, sacrilege, but I am eyeballing either a Fender American Ultra Strat HSS or SSS. Even though I liked the tones I got from the SE Silver Sky, the complete lack of attention to detail on the QC side of things completely turned me off to them, and after having tried a couple of Strats with 7.25" radius fingerboards, I find I just don't click with them and prefer a flatter radiused fretboard.

I'm also eyeballing an Archon 50, so yeah, all in all, I'm a PRS guy.
I Am An Amp Guy Who Likes Great Guitars. I Happen To Have More PRS Than Any Other Brand By A Significant Amount. Not All PRS Models Work For Me But I Sure Do Enjoy The Ones That Do. In My Mind I Am A PRS Guy And Have Never Been Ashamed To Say So But I Have Too Many Other Wonderful Guitars To Ever Be PRS Only. I Would Never Sell The Huge Majority Of Other Brand Guitars That I Own. I Own Them For A Reason...Because They Are Exceptional Instruments. I Own PRS Guitars For The Same Reason. I Often Wonder What My Collection Would Look Like Had I Not Had Such A Head Start On PRS With Other Brands. If I Lived In A Different Time I Could See Myself Having The Huge Majority Of My Collection (But Still Doubtfully All) Being PRS Guitars. Hopefully Paul Doesn't Mess Up Or Do Away With The Ones That Do Work For Me. :)
I've been putting off learning the guitar for years and finally bit the bullet and bought a PRS CE 24 a month ago. Love it. Paired it up with an Archon 50 and Boss GT-1000. So I'm well into it and now hooked ... and the wife (bless her) still has not blinked an eye.
Good for you TonyT! Sounds like you are on an awesome path!! Just to be clear, this is NOT the "their grrrrrrrrreat" TonyT, right? Either way, welcome to the forum!!!
My relationship with PRS guitars is a bit more complicated. I’m absolutely a hardcore diehard Vela guy, and to a slightly lesser extent, I’m a CE-22 guy. I 100% appreciate the company and their guitars, but as great as the typical PRS is, most of them don’t suit my aesthetic these days. But that doesn’t affect my admiration for them as a whole, as far as quality, playability, ergonomics, and consistency go I don’t think there’s a better (major) brand out there.
I've been putting off learning the guitar for years and finally bit the bullet and bought a PRS CE 24 a month ago. Love it. Paired it up with an Archon 50 and Boss GT-1000. So I'm well into it and now hooked ... and the wife (bless her) still has not blinked an eye.
Sounds Like You Have A Good Thing Going, Don't Stop Now. Keep Buying Stuff Until She Does! :)
I have an Ibanez and Schecter mixed in with my PRSi. I did purchase an American Fender Strat but the thing wouldn’t stay in tune even after swapping in locking tuners and a tech visit. I reached out to the manufacturer and they acknowledged it could’ve been a lemon. I sent it back to the retailer thinking I would have to shop for one local. A couple months later I snagged a Silver Sky online on impulse and never looked back. I’m sure other manufacturers can produce great guitars but I’ve become spoiled a bit by the consistency from PRS. At the end of the day I look at the guitar as a pen or brush, it’s just a tool that does a job. If it stays in tune, plays well and sounds good then I’m happy. I don’t care about heritage or who played what. 80% of my guitars are made by PRS. I am still interested in trying out an Aristides for an 8 string for the future though.