Anyone else be down for a bolt on SE?

I'm not sure what the advantage would be, maybe cost. But I can see the disadvantages too. I like the set neck design as is. If they were to build more like the Torero with it's heeless design, that I would dig.
I would check one out fo sho... An SE version of the SA studio with a bolt on would be cool... humbucker and a couple singles. But I wouldn't hate the CE either!
Not sure...

An SE with single coils would definately get my attention but I think i'd prefer a set neck.

I'm a big Strat fan so it's nothing against that particular construction method.
I'm going to say no because I can't think of a pickup/switching configuration that PRS would release on a bolt-on SE that would appeal to me.

What pickups/switching are you thinking?
I would think a single humbucker with a Floyd or PRS trem would get me to write a check, but any configuration would work, I like bolt ons. And this would be a cheap entry into a good quality one.