Anybody else get the flu this year AFTER getting a flu shot?


Zombie Eight - DFZ
Apr 26, 2012
Nashville, TN
I've been "in the dirt" for the past week. I thought I'd dodged the flu bug this year, but NOOOOO. Of course I'm blaming it all on MartySnarf. He & his lovely wife were here in NashVegas last weekend & we all ended up sick. Had a GREAT time though!
Marty has a secretion problem. Markie had to dissassemble one of his guitars after Marty got hold of it.

Oh, and................shot, no flu (knock on wood).
I read somewhere the flu shot this year was only about 62-63% effective.

Our drummer has been under the weather for 22 days or something. He only canceled one practice when he was at his worst.
Shot here. No flu. Same as the last 9 years. And of course it is never 100% fool proof in any event. But, neither are fire extinguishers.
My wife got the shot, and the flu. I didn't get the shot, but she gave me the flu. I was over it in no time; very mild. She was down for quite a while. Go fig...
Flu is basically a viral infections,it goes to the other person through touching,breath,using the same clothes,blood etc.So be careful in these kind of cases.
And Especially when you are at a dirty place obviously there are more chances to get a disease,Some viruses are in the air sometimes we get them through air.Take proper medication in this type of situation and rest is needed.
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