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Any news/ideas on when the factory might reopen?

Killer looking. What board did you go with? Mine is gonna have an Indian Rosewood neck with ebony fretboard.

Nice! Went with quartersawn mahogany neck, Brazilian fretboard and headstock overlay.
Nice! Went with quartersawn mahogany neck, Brazilian fretboard and headstock overlay.
Can't really go wrong with any of the options. Looks like the neck will be flamed and finished like the body as well which is gonna look amazing.
My dealer told me they started back up today. So there you go! May 18, 2020

Apparently at least one S2 was assembled on 5/17/20 according to the hang tag. That's the day before the factory opening report above ... and a Sunday. Maybe it was a dry run of the new, covid safe process? Better than a Friday build? ;-)

I don't know, some folks might remember the "uncompromising starndards" hang tags as an example, but what if the person writing down the date on the hang tag simply thought it was the 17th and not the 18th? Mix ups happen.
I don't think the factory shut down completely - they were allowed a very small workforce so maybe they did have a few guitars assembled during that time.
From what I collected from emailing PRS asking for an informational interview with them is that they are not allowing the outside public in at the moment. All the factory workers are working at the moment FWIR. My dealer said no one is allowed in but the employee's as well. My eye doctor's nephew is a sander there and he's working as well. Glad to see the factory coming back to life!! I was super bummed when experience got canceled because that was my first time and I wanted my scrap piece of curly maple. Hopefully they start offering tours again.