Any Love For The NF3


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Oct 13, 2012
Regina, Sk. Canada
Hi guy and gals,
Looking into a NF3 and was just wondering who has played one, who has one and what your thoughts are. Any help would be great.

I've got one, and I dig it. They're the best value PRS IMO (I think someone once said that you pay for the pickups and get the rest of the guitar for free...!), the neck is great, and the volume control works wonders with the Narrowfields, kinda this half P-90 / 57/08 at full noise, and half singlecoil / P-90 at lower settings. Clear, bitey and growly all at the same time.

I've got a 2010 and found there was a bit too much bass once you rolled the volume off on mine, I put a treble bleed cap on there (standard from 2012 onwards or so) and now it's much better (very simple mod)
Just got one last weekend after listening to Jimmy Herring and hearing the tone he got from the NF3. Just love it! Strat tones on steroids with just enough of that creamy humbucker sound in the mix.