Any HB owners tried Martin Retro strings?

Nice F Holes

New Member
Aug 29, 2020
Hononlulu, HI
Martin Retro acoustic strings have a nickel-copper (Monel) wrap as opposed to the phosphor bronze wrap on more common acoustic strings. This should give it better plugged in performance than acoustic strings. Monel is also one of the best materials for salt water corrosion protection. And they're available in .010-.047 and .011-.052.

Martin's advertisement says it's all about letting the tone of the guitar speak, rather than being heavily influenced by the wrap material.

My SE HB shipped with the wrong strings. Acoustically they were really resonant with a ton of sustain, though a little dull plugged in. I switched to the PRS classics and got the electric tone back, but less resonance. So this got me wondering if it was shipped with acoustic strings, and hence finding these to try.

I'm picking up a set this evening and will try them either today or tomorrow.