Any Custom 24 Semi Hollow Owners Out There?

If I say, someone's going to snatch it up before I do! :eek:

But hey I'm not one to get in the way of the happiness of another, so.... It's at Brian's. He listed in the dealer section a while ago so it's not exactly a secret, though I am really surprised it's still available.

That's rad! You need to get on it!
I dream they'll ditch the blade on these someday.
I've owned a CU22 semi-hollow and a CU24 in the past.

Sold them both off.

Immediately regretted the CU22 and found of the nicest guitars I own. Rings nicely, lots of sustain...responds very well to experimenting with the volume & tone knobs.

Good riddance to the CU24 semi-hollow.

It just felt "cheap". Not every model PRS is a home-run.

Look around and try for a CU22 semi.

Just my opinion.

Could you expand a bit more why you didn't like it? I haven't played one or a custom 24 in a long time. (only prs I've had was a SE ZM)