Any budget multi-effect processor recommendations for MT15?


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Mar 10, 2022
I recently purchased an MT15 amp head. My initial thoughts was I really wish they had some reverb optional settings/button on this. The other, I think I need some delay and EQ pedals to experiment with in the effects loop...along with reverb. Which is why I'm wondering if anyone has any good budget multi-effect processor recommendations under $500 that pair well with the MT15? I'm willing to buy used. More into hard rock, ambient clean sounds, occasional blues....something flexible.

I have been doing some home recording and the MT15 out of the box is not where I want sound-wise yet. Thanks.
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I bit the bullet and bought a used-like-new Line 6 Helix tonight for $475. More than what I wanted to spend but it had everything I was looking for. Trying to find other players who've used paired with a MT15. That Nova does look interesting. Don't recall seeing that one. Thanks.