Another moon landing for... some people not to believe

Oh I dunno... maybe cuz they are obviously NOT intelligent, and the research was crap?
Just a hunch... :)
I literally saw a UFO once. And a neighbor down the street a month later said she saw it too. She literally described it to me. Now, was it aliens? No idea. Just something that didn't seem physically possible. It looked like a shooting star that did a full circle plus 90 degrees in a very small area in the sky, at shooting star speeds. Now they have video footage of these "Tic Tac" like objects from military planes. Maybe the same? Who freakin knows. I will say this... it didn't smell like demons.
Joking aside,

I believe in spirits, and the possibility of, maybe, extraterrestrials somewhere. Sure there are no physical proofs for aliens, would there be? Seeing that we are acting as the lower society, we would never know of for these types of things in the first place but there are some records going past generations of sightings, experiences, etc. As far as spirits/spiritualism, it's hard to discard said records when half of Earth's civilization history is built upon no more, no less (writings on stone, documents, scripts, legends, folklore, recorded cases). We rely on those things for science and our world history, along with how we build a society.

Hell, we are so quick to forget that the nazis in WWII were hellbent on doing occultic rituals to reach the other side and open portals to the underworld, some sacrificed themselves in that purpose. Native Indian burial grounds have disrupted two worlds and caused undeniable hauntings and possessions. Indications that ancient voodoo had and still has some type of power over physical realm. The list of support in records, and documented cases goes on.

Ultimately, I think it's more of a thing that people tend to overlook because they can be afraid of the unseen so it's more opt to be safe and forgotten than to be brought into light. That said, it's funny how these cases of history can be chosen and capitalized on. It makes it easy for anyone to claim another is crazy. Ironically, if we haven't questioned our own existence and the reality of that in which we currently live in, we truly are crazy. Are we existing? In which passage of time do we flow through? With science constantly disproving itself, I can no longer trust science as a gateway to the truth but rather just accept that some things are unexplainable and are not meant for an answer.
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Now why would you choose Jeri Ryan?

Let me think about this for a moment.

Yes, I've thought about it. Might need another minute or two to think about it some more......

......and while I'm thinking about it, I give you Zoe Saldana in the Star Trek Film re-boot.

Let's not neglect to add Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter in Stargate. :cool: