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May 31, 2013
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Hi peeps :)

I know there are many other topics on this subject, but non of them particularly help me really.

I've visited the G.A.S. site and ascertained most of the code meanings from there but one or two things are eluding me. I'm sure most would be thinking, "why does it matter?" But I'd just like to know...

Anyway, my MODCAT code is this:-


1, Model = UD
2, Top Wood = M = Maple
3, Frets = 2 = 22
4, Top Spec = Q = Quilt
5, Top Spec = T = Ten-top
6, Neck Wood = H = Mahogany
7, Neck Carve = F = Wide Fat (I don't understand this because my hangtag says "Pattern")
8, Fingerboard Wood = I = Indian Rosewood
9, Inlay = 4 = ? (I can see the inlays, and they are Birds, but the "4" code is not on the GAS list)
10, Bridge = S = Straight Stoptail
11, Colour = CB = Charcoal Burst
12, Hardware = N = Nickel
13, Treble PU = K = ? (again, I know that I have a 57/08 humbucker cos I can see it, and it is listed on the hangtag)
14, Middle PU = Z = ? (I can see this is a 57/08 Narrowfield)
15, Bass PU = Z = ? (I can see this is a 57/08 Narrowfield)
16, Electronics = V = ? (I can see I have a five position blade switch but, again, this code is not on the GAS list. Is there more up to date info on the electronics?)

Clearly, the GAS list, updated in April 2008, is a little out of date.

Would it be possible for someone to confirm the actual meanings for codes 9 and 16?

Also, would it be correct to assume that the "Pattern" and "Wide Fat" necks are in fact the same? And if they are not, what is the difference?

I must add that I am in no way disappointed with my new PRS Studio and non of the above information would effect how I feel about it. I would just like to know more about my beautiful guitar.

Many thanks in advance

andy :)

Hi Peeps,

I'm still slightly baffled about the "Neck Carve."

According to the general 2011 Studio specs my guitar should have either a "Patern" or "Patern Thin" shape and yet my MODCAT number says that I have a "Wide Fat" neck.

I'm trying to understand what I have here, on paper at least... makes no difference to the guitar sound or my playing LOL.

Or am I misunterstanding something here? I have assumed that "Neck Shape" and "Neck Carve" are the same thing.
Interesting thread. Just checked my CE against the list and discovered that the dealer has sent mine out in the case for a CE24, now you know that is just going to niggle at me until I take the sticker off of the case!
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