Another amazing job by the PTC crew!


Authorities leave it.....unsolved
Jan 21, 2015
Suburban Chicago
Fresh back from the PTC, I give you the reimagined Santana Bruise Burst. Sent it off during the first week of August, and settled in for my 16 week wait. Imagine my surprise when I got a vmail from Matt King late Monday afternoon saying it was done. When I talked to him Tuesday I actually asked if they'd done the finish work on it. Yep. Turns out that my little beauty landed at just the right time when they didn't have a lot of finish work going on! Shipped on Tueday, delivered this morning.

New pick ups compliments of Helmi (thanks bud!). He reached out earlier in the summer to see if I would be interested in a couple of his Narrowfields that were custom mounted in Ebony pick up "holders", rings, whatever you want to call them. I had commented how cool they were as a 3 pack in his guitar last year. So, those were mounted. I had hoped that the PTC would be able to split them, and install a Free Way switch. No dice. Oh well.

Truth be told, I had this guitar up for sale for about 3 weeks. I was feeling I had too many (I do), and this wasn't exactly what I thought it was when I bought it (a Retro). I should have sent it back right away. When the NF's came my way I figured this would be a perfect way to make it my own, and hang on to it.

The NF's sound killer in this guitar. Love them! Good for some ZZ Top style stuff.

Obligatory pic:


You're thinking what's all this blather about finish work. Looks the same as before. Ok, sit down, and hold on...........

wait for it............





Baby got back, and it's hawt as f@ck! Had the back painted white, and the neck treated to a satinized feel. I assume that was through micro-meshing, but all I got was "we can utilize some finishing techniques to give it that satin feel." Whatever it is, I freaking love it! The boys in the PTC continue to do amazing work!
Two grills? You're a mad man!

I do what I can :D. The Weber is my trusty old grill of 10 years. The Traeger I got last week, and smoked on all day Sunday. Wings for lunch and ribs for dinner. Great grill. My fist pellet grill. Had to replace a one year old propane smoker. I was doing some ribs on it, came out to check on them just in time to see flames shooting out of places they're not supposed to be coming from. Gas line leak. If I hadn't gone out at just that minute, it could've gotten ugly. I was going to try to fix it, but the Mrs was too freaked. It went in the garbage.