Am I nuts?


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Nov 3, 2012
I currently own 3 PRS SE guitars as well as other manufacturers. My SEs include a Santana, Custom 24 & a One. Very much to my surprise my go to guitar has been the One. I bought this based on members here and wanted a guitar with a soapbar. I honestly figured this would be used the least.

I love this thing!
My SE has been seeing more playing time than my CE's.... and one of 'em is even new!
I'll tell you a secret. The "SE" really stands for "Superman Edition". This is highly covered up by the low price and PR agenda and needless to say, this post will self-destruct in 5 seconds...
The SE One is also my real go to. I love this guitar. Everyone I talk to has this same opinion...all hog SE One...hard to beat.