All things must pass

Although I don't "work" there in the technical sense, we logged a lot of miles together doing clinics and such. Finding great food, occasionally snowed in at an airport or driving 1/3 of the way across the US when a flight gets cancelled...It was a good team. Good company and lots of laughs. Cheers my friend.
Though I'm blessed that our connection isn´t going to be cut by your leave of PRS, @Shawn@PRS, I'm going to share aswell my words of appreciation regarding your efforts to satisfy us as PRS customers with all our questions on short notice, remarks, needs, and so on. And your efforts mirrored back to PRS.
Sad, that you have chosen a different road at a junction than the PRS path - or maybe the road selected you.
It´s the opportunities in life, we have to decide among.
I'm confident in your decision and I'm excited about your new job, when you will announce in a few weeks.
I wish you all success and luck.
Thanks for everything @Shawn@PRS! Good luck and best wishes for your future career - it has been great talking to you!