All things must pass

Awe’s always been such a pleasure dealing with you. I wish you all the best, you are truly irreplaceable. A spirit like yours will always be successful an leave it’s mark on others.

Hopefully we’ll still have the pleasure of your company occasionally.

Until the Dalai llama says “Gunga galunga” wait it’s “gunga”.....”Gunga-lagunga."
Dang man! Bittersweet indeed! Thanks for being such a huge part of my PRS experience. You've always been on point when I've need a hand. Thank you! Wishing you all the luck and prosperity you so well deserve. Take care of yourself my brother.
Shawn’s prolly sick of guitars. JFC, could you imagine 19 years of looking at the same sh!t everyday?

Poor dude has to keep his melody maker around just to not remind him of work when he’s playing guitar. :p
Sh!t, I've been married for 33 years.....................
Shawn, best wishes for your next position. You were nothing but patient, classy, funny, and very helpful during your time here on the PRS board, keeping this band of scurvy malcontents in line.

Now, do we get to pick your successor here on the Forum? Will Paul do tryouts? And we get to vote?

Like "Jeopardy!" these days, it's a great gig - and a hard one to do well.

Best of luck -

George K (Kiwi)