All about bicycles

I bought a bike off Facebook Marketplace from a woman who was tired of her ex-husband's stuff left in the garage.

I broke the frame on my US made Gary Fisher.

I've had the Marketplace bike for three years now. It's a Specialized of somesort. I ride it 20 miles a day around Loudoun County, VA.

It does what is supposed to do. When I destroy it, I'll get another Marketplace bike.

Nothing makes me happier than heavily using something for what it's meant to be used for - like guitars, if I don't wear 'n tear it, it goes up for sale.
I really love my new Specialized Ebike. It’s the first bike I’ve owned that really makes me want to go out and ride. Even though it came equipped with T handlebars, I still found that after my seat was raised to a proper height, this old man’s neck and shoulders got fatigued after 10+ miles. So, last week I bought a 90mm handlebar which would raise the bar about 2 1/2” over the standard one. Wow! 2 1/2” makes a big difference! :eek:;). Much more comfortable. Also, I got lucky that the cables were long enough to accommodate the new bar.

The end result:

All these puns are just...