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    I love a Cooper show. Always amazing. I remember seeing him open for Motley Crue on their "Farewell" tour in 2015, and thinking how the Motley boys feel about getting their asses handed to them by a 65 year old guy every night. I made it through 5 Crue songs before I bolted. Vince sounded like sh!t.

    First time I saw him was on the Operation Rock-n-Roll tour in '91. That was Metal Church, Dangerous Toys, Motorhead, Cooper and Judas Priest. That was a great show all the way around. I've had the pleasure of seeing Alice 6 or 7 times since then.
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    I saw the Crue "Farewell" tour twice, since they came back to CIncinnati after the venue they hit first couldn't hold their entire stage show (mainly Tommy's drum coaster). Alice and his band ate them alive both times. As for Crue, the first show blew goats, and I should have left. The 2nd was pretty dang good. Not Alice good, but still good.

    I've seen Alice a few times again since then. He's always awesome.
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