Alex Gaskarth - All Time Low


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Apr 26, 2012
I met Alex and the rest of the band last night in Atlanta. Alex was rockin' a quartet of Miras on stage and sounding great.

My daughter (16) is a big big BIG fan and wanted to go so bad she bought the tickets (money from her Summer job) and convinced me to drive her down for the show. She ended up being selected for a "meet and greet" held before the show and tour manager Matt Flyzik graciously allowed me to go in with her. Maybe I'm getting old and jaded but, though I knew nothing about them, I was sort of expecting these guys to be snotty jerks. I could not have been more wrong. They were very nice, polite and cool to talk to. They spent about 40 minutes talking, signing, posing for photos and just being really nice to the fans selected for the M&G. I asked Alex what guitars he was currently using and he said, "Just PRS Miras. They're great. PRS are made in Maryland and...." We had a brief conversation and he had nothing but great things to say about PRS.

When ATL came on stage, they owned it. I really knew nothing about them before the show other than a few videos I scanned the other day and song fragments I've heard from my daughter's room. They put on a great high-energy show with Alex's Miras front-and-center (white, silver, gold and natural or maybe korina?) The sound mix was great so kudos to the FOH guy(s). The vocals, guitars, bass and drums were all clear and had their own space in the mix with nothing sounding crowded or muddy. It was a great show. I left a fan and my daughter was ecstatic. Alex Gaskarth is doing PRS proud with his Miras. They just need to get guitarist Jack Barakat back on his SC245s!
And another fan is born! haha. Glad you had a great time, I just saw hem Saturday night for I think the 7th time. I don't want to call them a guilty pleasure but I feel kind of old surrounded by the 14-17 year olds in the sold out venue. They really are a great band and are super nice to their fans. Live they're tight as can be and I agree, kudos to the sound guys who make sure the band doesn't sound like a muddy mess every night.
I interviewed Alex a few weeks ago for the second time for the cover of my magazine. Cover photo is of the last time the band played the same venue that they played at Saturday where he is, once again rockin' the Mira ;)
Jack used to be all about his SC245's and ever since this summers Warped Tour he's been throwing in a few LTD's. That's like going from filet mignon to chicken mcnuggets :p
You can check out the ATL cover at by the way ;)
I've been a big fan of their music for some time now. Call it a guilty pleasure, I don't really care. Loud guitars, great tone, and killer hooks! I'm all about that. They're coming to Michigan in January, I'll have to look into whether they're doing a meet and greet for that show.
Zombie alert! Thread rising from the dead!

So I just watched a (recent-ish, 2015) All Time Low concert on MTV Live (nee Palladia) from Wembley (where they played no PRSi that I spotted). It was followed by a few videos, a couple of which indeed featured one or more of the guys on PRSi. One video was the unplugged version of "Damned If I do Ya (Damned If I Don't)", where the guitarist and bassist played a couple of PRS Core Acoustics (couldn't see what, probably Angelus?). Anyone have any more insight?

Anyway, I must admit the whole concert-viewing was a guilty pleasure - they know how to put on a show, and had a great light show, and the guys do see to have fun and be genuinely interactive. I like to watch live shows to see how other bands perform, try to pick up a few pointer for my own band. I really wish we could have a light show...(David Gilmour's solo during a live Comfy Numb is my wanna-be nirvana.)
I am pretty sure at the very least Alex got signed on as a Fender Artist. Premier Guitar did a rig rundown I think last year and they were all fender and esp guitars and kemper amps. I was hoping they would stay with PRS but alas.