Aftermarket upgrades (nut) for the Mikael Akerfeldt SE.


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Sep 11, 2012
First post! :D

Now, I've seen everywhere-- on all sorts of forums and discussion boards, how an SE can go from a good to an amazing guitar with some aftermarket mods, so I'd like to pose a question:

If I were to switch out the nut of this particular guitar, are there any 'drop in' replacements that are of great quality? I see TUSQ getting thrown around a lot, but I really would be grateful if you guys could share your experiences with a brand new PRS owner.

P.S. -- I already got Schaller mini locking tuners. Can't beat 'em.

Please feel free to make any additional recommendations. Looking for a guitar for life.
Hey JLP, welcome!

Tusq get's bandied around for good reason... It's a good quality nut and I have them on both my main guitars (Bernie & Strat). You can also get hold of the US PRS nuts too. They are pretty much drop in replacements though you may need to do some fine adjustments to get the right string height / nut slot width.

Regarding other mods... If you like how it plays and sounds after the nut change then leave alone.

Some people will say to swap out the pots and cap but IMHO there's no reason to do that unless you want to either experiment with cap / pot values or you don't like the taper of the pots. I swapped the Alpha pots to CTS ultimately because I wanted a better taper. I got there in the end but it took two sets of CTS pots.

In time you can upgrade these parts but there's little gain to be had from doing it until or if they have a problem.

A pickup change can make a big difference... Again only worth thinking about if there's something you don't like or think is lacking in the pups you've got.
I dropped in US PRS nuts in a couple of my trem SE Customs with no problems or tuning issues. And no mods, either!

I just called PRS and ordered the nut for a Custom 22. I tapped out the stock nut and dropped these in with a spot of Elmers. Ready to rock!
Thanks, guys! I'll take it to my local tech and get the nut changed-- much appreciated!
On my Singlecut SE, I changed pickups and wiring (McCarty drop-in). I only had to widen the nut slots a tad, and the tuners do just what I need them to do, so no change there. It's the electric guitar I've had longer than any other. Don't think I'll ever let it go. I think the PRS SE line is the best thing going for under a grand.